A level Maths Tutor Cardiff and exam prep

We provide A level maths tutoring in the Cardiff area.

One-to-one tutoring for A-level Maths examinations in 2017 available. Including:
- C1, C2, C3, C4
- M1, M2
- S1

Qualified teacher with 8 years A-level maths teaching experience at a top Cardiff college.

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"My confidence and understanding of maths has been transformed since beginning tuition. Her passion for the subject and commitment to getting the best out of me have both made the daunting jump from GCSE to A level achievable and enjoyable."

A2 student at Plasmawr

"Having tuition has really increased my confidence and made me more prepared for exams. As she is a qualified teacher I feel like I have learnt exactly what was needed for exams and more. I learnt lots of exam tips and how to set out my work, it has really pushed me to work to the best of my ability. There is a really positive and friendly atmosphere and it has made me enjoy maths!"

AS student at Cardiff High

"Thank you for everything you have done! Your help has been much appreciated and I am very grateful for the time you've given me."

A2 student at Howells

"Tuition has helped me answer and solve maths problems in a logical way. I feel so much more prepared answering exam questions."

Mature Student