A-level Maths Cardiff is all about providing support to students, giving them the tools to best prepare for their WJEC A-level exams.


A-level Maths Cardiff initially started out as just one-to-one personal tutoring, the students that I had really appreciated the written solutions with methodology to the past papers. This gave me the idea of creating a simple website that could store the past paper solutions as I worked through them. This has proved very popular, so I aim to upload as much as I can when I free time available!

Please see below for some of the other services that A-level Maths Cardiff can provide.


Batool Akmal - Founder and Director

Batool graduated from Cardiff University with a degree in Mathematics and Physics. Batool has 7 years A-level Maths at a top Cardiff college. Batool also has a wealth of experience dealing with UCAS applications and entrants for Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

More coming soon

Matt Bevington - Director

Matt graduated from Cardiff University with a degree in Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research. Matt has spent most of his career working in environmental regulation, specialising in mathematical modelling of air pollution.

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A-level Maths Cardiff provides the following services: 
Past Paper Solutions

Please use our site to access solutions to WJEC past papers - not just the answers but the methods, so students can build their knowledge base and confidence. Feel free to browse the solutions page; you will find past papers for C1, C2, C3, C4, M1, M2, S1.

Revision Courses and Personal Tutoring

If you feel like you need some extra support, we offer personal tutoring and small class revision courses. Please see my testimony page for feedback from previous students and their parents.

Online Course

We are developing online A-level Maths courses, working in partnership with online course company Lecturio. For more information please get in contact.